Growing Relationships

Spending time together will naturally grow your relationship. Befrienders and Befriendees spend thirty minutes to an hour together each week.

A Listening Ear

Often times, having someone to hear your stories, successes and struggles can relieve so much pressure. Befrienders are excellent listeners!

Building Community

Feeling a sense of belonging is important. That is why one of our aims is to connect our Befriendees to their local community.

Being Active

Go on walks, do crafts, get coffee or any number of other activities. We look to pair Befrienders and befriendees who have similar interests . 

Decreasing Isolation

Many families we work with experience isolation due to any number of circumstances. We want to remove that sense of being alone.

Improving Well-Being

All of these things place our Befriendees on a path to better well-being. 


If you are interested in getting involved with our Bridge Befriending program, please click the button to register your interest or contact us. We would love to speak more with you around any questions you have!

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